Aimée Portioli, also known as Grand River, a Dutch-Italian composer, poly-instrumentalist, producer based in Berlin.

While mainly connected to the fields of electronic music and sound design, her compositions transcend these genres.


 Her work is known equally for her film scores as for her experimental and ambient projects.


 Influenced by classical minimal music Grand River’s work integrates a large variety of sound structures and symphonic calculations, often blurring the lines between traditional composition and research-based modernism.



Aimée also runs the record label One Instrument.


*Wednesday, 18.03.2020
Stockholm Kulturhuset, Stockholm, SE
*Saturday, 21.03.2020
Room 4 Resistance, Trauma Bar, Berlin, DE
*Saturday, 23.05.2020
Nuits Sonores 2020, Lyon, FR
*Saturday, 18.07.2020
Festival Wonderfeel, Graveland, NL
*Thursday, 30.07.2020
Garbicz Festival, Gadkow Wielki, PL
*Friday, 04.09.2020
53100 Festival 2020, Siena, IT


*Friday, 06.03.2020
Mutek Barcelona 2020, Barcelona, ESP
*Sunday, 09.02.2020
Het Weekend, De School, Amsterdam, NL
*Sunday, 15.12.2019
Berghain, Panorama, Halle, Berlin, DE
*Wednesday, 11.12.2019
Shoes Off at Ankali, Prague, CZ
*Wednesday, 20.11.2019
Casa Bonay, Nica, Barcelona, ESP
*Friday, 08.11.2019
Le Guess Who, WAS, Utrecht, NL
*Wednesday, 16.10.2019
Zhao Dai, Beijing, CN
*Saturday-Monday, 12.10.2019-14.10.2019
The Labyrinth 2019, Gunma, JA
*Friday, 11.10.2019
KGR’n 神楽音, Tokyo, JA
*Thursday, 03.10.2019
Ping Pong 129, Hong Kong, HK
* Saturday 07.09.2019
Emu Cakes Event, Sydney, AUS
*Friday, 06.09.2019
*Saturday, 03.08.2019
Nachtdigital Cavertitz, DE
*Saturday, 22.06.2019
Kanal Pompidou, Brussels, BE
*Saturday, 25.05.2019
Mapping Festival, Geneva, CH
*Wednesday, 01.05.2019
Circuit Breaker, Berlin, DE
*Friday, 29.03.2019
Patterns Of Perception, Ohm, Berlin, DE
*Friday, 22.03.2019
Möbius, Rome, ITA
*Saturday, 01.09.2018
IO - IfZ, Institut fuer Zukunft, Leipzig, DE
* Friday, 31.08.2018
Paral·lel Festival 2018, Barcelona, ESP
*Saturday 11.08.2018
Underwater, Sciabecco, Sardinia, ITA
*Saturday, 21.07.2018
Slowdance — IO YRS, Gazgolder, Moscow, RUS
*Wednesday 11.07.2018
Paral·lel Festival Showcase, ​About Blank, Berlin, DE
* Friday 16.03.2018
Kepler 452b at ​Funkhaus Berlin, Berlin, DE
*Friday 08.12.2017
New Codes at ​Tresor, Berlin, DE
*Saturday, 13.05.2017
Kurz vor Weißensee 10 at ​Mensch Meier, Berlin, DE
*Thursday, 07.04.2017
C2Cmln at ​Magazzini Generali, Milan, ITA